Oop’s trolley nearly too full for Bullitt

Just back from Asda. This trolley load:


Just fitted in my Bullitt. Here we see it loaded at Asda (and nice not to have to push the trolley across miles of car park). At this point I was beginning to wonder if I need a cargo net to put over the top.


But as you can see from this picture of the Bullitt ready to unload at home everything stayed in place with no problems. Yes, the handling was absolutely fine. Before long I am going to need a front light in front of the cargo as it is starting to block the front lights from lighting up the road just in front of the bike 🙂


One of the nice things about riding in this weather is that the frozen stuff stays frozen on the way home 🙂

I confess that before going into Asda I did nip into Starbucks for a coffee. It is nice to be able to park pretty close – especially as there was not huge demand for the outside tables 🙂


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