What were they thinking of?

What exactly was someone thinking about when they installed this at the entrance to a cycle route that is part of the National Cycle Network?:


You can (just) get past without getting off. But I am still trying to work out what the cage over the kissing gate is for. Also the little foot rest in the gap,  just there to trip you up if you are stupid enough to try to squeeze through. All this fun and games off Bath Street, Leicester:

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  1. Erm . . .
    It is a device to allow mums with buggies whilst not allowing motorbikes!

    • John,

      And if you have a double buggy. Or a wheelchair. Or a mobility scooter, Or a child trailer behind your bike, or a cargo bike.

      Of course if you have a motorbike you can simply drive round to one of the other entrances with no barrier whereas if you are pushing a double buggy or a wheelchair the extra few miles may not be so easy.

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