Reduced stress Christmas Shopping

Today we went for reduced stress Christmas Shopping. So here are our top tips for getting the Christmas Shopping done with less stress:

  • Order lots online 🙂 We use a variety of fair trade organisations such as Traidcraft and charities for many of the presents we buy. Much reduced stress from not having to fight through crowds of shoppers and from the good feeling that comes from buying good that have been fairly traded and where our money helps others.
  • IMAG0250When you go shopping make a nice day of it by cycling into the main shopping centre (for us Leicester City Centre is only about 6 miles). We didn’t check the temperature this morning (our only thermometer is part of the car dashboard). But it was quite cold (below freezing anyway) Although nothing like Copenhagen 🙂
  • Gloves are critical, a nice hat helps. But elsewhere we both ended up removing a layer after a while.
  • Having bikes with cargo capacity is helpful. I think the ultimate would be a Bullitt with the lockable aluminium box. You could just move from shop to shop locking the shopping in it as you go to save you having to carry it all.
  • The money you save on car parks and fuel can be used for nice fair trade coffee 🙂
  • As you are not dictated to by traffic jams or availability of car parking you can be more flexible. Zipping across town for a specific shop is easy.
  • You can also enjoy  a nice cake with your coffee as you will burn off the calories as you beat the cars home 🙂

The only downside is the attempt by car drivers to pass their stress onto you with crazy overtaking, usually combined with a sudden stop. How come so few car drivers look ahead of the bike they are dying to overtake in order to see that there is a stationary car 20 metres ahead. Or a long queue of cars unable to overtake a bus, in which case why overtake the bike that is already in the queue. Coming back through Thurmaston this was particularly noticeable, makes you wonder just how many car drivers have had their brains destroyed by some mystery virus. Maybe it is particularly triggered by darkness outside.

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