Go to the Cinema and live longer!

Warning this only applies if you cycle to the Cinema. Cyclists on average live longer and healthier than non cyclists (lots on this if you google. One summary with references to a fully study is at Health Care Magazine: Health benefits of cycling).

So today we went to see the new Harry Potter movie (incidentally the best yet judging by the fact this is the first Harry Potter film where I have stayed awake the whole way through!) at the Odeon in Leicester. I cycled there as my last meeting of the day was well on the way.

After the film I cycled home and it was such a lovely quiet evening through Watermead park that I couldn’t resist the longer route (to Birstall and then via the King Lear Lake).

I am encouraged by some of the results of my cycling habit.

  • Weight loss continues, albeit very slowly. Still with the amount I eat it is a miracle it is going down at all 🙂
  • At the pre-assessment for having a wisdom tooth out I noticed my blood pressure is in the “optimal” range 🙂 I don’t know what it has been in the past.
  • I have noticed that I don’t end up out of breath when cycling up hills and the like. Being not particularly fit and somewhat overweight one of the things I didn’t like was how hard I would be panting after cycling hard up a hill. Now I cycle up faster, I can stand and peddle for much longer and I don’t end up out of breath in the same way.
  • I have just got some new jeans sized next waist size down and I still need a belt with them 🙂

Hopefully these all indicate a healthier way of being than I was.

What is more it is not just “healthier” but also better in many other ways. I am less stressed. I am more awake. I am able to give better attention to people and situations. I can enjoy meals without feeling guilty. I get rides like tonight’s beautiful silent ride through Watermead Park where I get to see foxes and rabbits. I get to see more of the place where I live and do so without disrupting other people with noise, congestion and fumes.

Going to the cinema and knowing that doing so contributes to living longer and happier is a good thing 🙂

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