The problem with panniers

For years I have carried stuff around by bike in panniers. Now using my Bullitt cargobike I don’t have to.  What a huge difference this makes!!

I was using Ortleib back rollers and they are about as good as you can get. They fit well, are waterproof and last forever.

But the problem with all panniers is when you get off the bike at your destination, from then on all panniers are a right pain.

The shape is awkward to carry, slow to load and has sticky out bits to catch you and others. Plus of course it draws unnecessary attention to the fact you have cycled.

One of the joys of a cargobike is that you use your ordinary bags for your laptop and other stuff. So much quicker to load and faster + more convenient to carry around. Plus of course you don’t have to worry about adding extra stuff in any kind of bag or none while you are out.

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