Learn to swim before cycling in Leicester

Maybe it is a way of encouraging us to be healthy, but it seems that Leicester City seem to want to encourage all cyclists to learn to swim.

Otherwise why would they provide a cycling facility like this:


That is under Watermead Way on national Cycle Route 6. Not looking forward to navigating those bollards when it is icy. Lucky I can swim.

Why would anyone think this is a good idea?

Why not simply install a barrier to stop people accidentally falling in (then cyclists would not need to be swimmers).

If they are worried about people rushing round the blind corner then why not just straighten the path a bit on each side of the bridge to provide a better view. Or they could have just narrowed the river at this point (it is narrower elsewhere). Instead we get these bollards that mean just where you should be focused on not hitting pedestrians , not riding into the river and avoiding oncoming cyclists you are instead focused on getting weaving through a narrow gap.


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  1. You cyclists – you think it’s all about you! No!! These bollards are there to provide entertainment on club runs (which use this route sometimes). Running in a group means that only those at the front have warning of obstacles on the route – the rest of us are left yelling “bollards!” to those coming behind us.

  2. It would be good if Highways Engineers Departments actually employed staff that cycle so that cycle facilities are actually usable by people on cycles, of all types.

    Highways Engineers eh! They’ve been getting it wrong for decades. But now, at last, at least one has the courage to admit it: http://bit.ly/ahMgCU.

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