Why Bullitts need mud flaps

I took a quick look under my Bullitt today and it was obvious that mud flaps are needed.


As I have mentioned before the Brooks mud flaps are next on my upgrade list. Having had a look I realise this is not just about the looks but what about all the extra weight of that mud 🙂

Of course the flip side is to be thankful that all that mud is on the underside of the cargo box and not on me.

Still with the dark afternoons I confess that I am also looking at another upgrade, but this one is an expensive one. I have been looking at good dynamo lighting for the front of the Bullitt. My Lumicycle lights are fantastic for riding by but I can’t leave them on the bike and have to remember to charge the battery.

So I am looking at a combined birthday and Christmas present of a new front wheel with a SONdelux hub dynamo and an Edulux front light. That should be enough light for everyday use with the huge pluses of always being there, coming on automatically as it gets dark, staying bolted onto the bike making it much easier to go to places in the dark (no hassle removing lights and carrying them around).

The only negative is that the light will be positioned a lot lower (just above the 20″ front wheel), good for riding by but I like be able to point my handlebar mounted Lumicycle lights right into a car when they do something stupid.

Still not decided though as it is a lot of money, but so are all good lights and I have never regretted buying good lights in the past while the cheap ones don’t last very long.

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