Syston Methodist Church loop ride via Seagrave

Tonight’s ride was a nice loop from Syston Methodist Church to Seagrave via Rearsby and then back via Rothley, Wanlip and the southern part of Watermead Park.

It was very quiet and enjoyable except that due to the fog I had to keep stopping to wipe my glasses so I could see where I was going 🙂

I have upgraded my rear lights and now have 2 Cateye TL-LD1100 LED Rear Light’s on my seat post plus the Reelight (powered by magnets on the spokes) that is attached to the axle.

IMAG0228The effect is quite bright 🙂

On the front I have my 2 Lumicycle lights (one LED and one Halogen) connected to a single bottle battery. Plus the front Reelight.

Again it is quite bright 🙂IMAG0229

Anyway a very nice ride. I love riding along in my own little light bubble in almost complete silence. Also more hopefully and practically it was enough to burn off the Chinese takeaway followed by chocolate log 🙂 One of the side effects of riding more is that it seems I need to ride quite a bit further to burn off the same amount of food. I suppose that is an indication of getting a bit fitter but I miss the ease of burning off the effects of a bit of greed 🙂

Ride stats:

Total Distance: 27.57 km (17.1 mi)

Moving Time: 1:19:28

Average Moving Speed: 20.82 km/h (12.9 mi/h)

Max Speed: 38.70 km/h (24.0 mi/h)

Elevation Gain: 219 m (719 ft)

Max Grade: 8 %

Min Grade: -6 %

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