Should I feel guilty about gloating?

Just been to Asda and wondering whether I should feel guilty because I enjoy it being so much faster and easier by cargo bike than by car.

Asda is approx 1.5 miles from the centre of Syston. Today on a busy Saturday afternoon the car drivers were queuing onto the Thurmaston roundabout  and from there it was slow up into the shopping centre and on into the Asda car park where they were cruising around looking for spaces.

I chose to nip into Starbucks to gain strength for the Asda crowds. But that would have added ages to your shopping time if you had been in a car as the car park on that side was complete full and blocked up. On a bike it was straight in to the bike racks outside Starbucks and then on the cyclepath from there to the cycle racks at Asda right by the entrance  (and under cover as well).

When I left I wheeled the trolley the whole 3 metres to my Bullitt for loading (still under cover although it was not raining this time). Meanwhile others are having to fight through the cars still looking for spaces to get their shopping back to the car. When I’m packed the cycle path takes a short cut out of Asda avoiding two roundabouts, both with queues.

There is no way that a car is going to catch up all that lost time.

So in summary the bike has the following advantages:

  • faster getting there
  • more flexible, allowing you to easily visit different parts of the shopping area
  • much faster to park
  • gets parked much closer to the shop entrances (thanks Thurmaston shopping centre for getting this right)
  • is quicker to get out of the car park
  • is faster getting home
  • gets me gentle exercise in both directions that will help me avoid heart attacks
  • zero emissions
  • no fuel to pay for (and there is usually a long queue for that at Asda as well)

So in Dave’s Bullitt today we had:

That is some light stuff on top (crisps, cofee, salad etc) and underneath it 9 litres of milk, 8 litres of fruit juice and 5 litres of car screenwash (given we are now down to weekly use it lasts a long time:-) ). It is good to be able to save money through multi-buy when you shop by bike.
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