D: 12.6 S: 12.9 or more bikes beat cars

Two new numbers today.

d: 12.6

s: 12.9

These come from attending an excellent lecture this evening

St Philip’s Church, Evington Road, Leicester LE2 1HN


Dr John Azumah
Director of the Centre for Islamic Studies at the London School of Theology

And it was very interesting and challenging 🙂 I very much recommend trying to find a chance to hear Dr John Azumah.

Anyway the first challenge was that I had finished my previous meeting after 6pm and needed a quick meal and a bit of blogging (published at 6:31pm) before crossing Leicester in time for 7:30pm. easy to be overwhelmed and so take the easy option and drive.

However, I resisted and ended up leaving at about 6:45pm. So I rushed a bit (so far as I can on a cargo bike in traffic in the dark while wearing ordinary clothes) and it took me 30 minutes so I was about the first there – oop’s, over estimated the journey time a bit 🙂

By the time I got home the result for the round trip was 12.6 miles (20.1 km) at 12.9mph (20.7kph) on a pretty flat route across Leicester (300ft/91m climbed).

Remember this is not some super athlete but an overweight (but please note, no longer officially obese by about 1kg) 45 year old (actually nearly 46 year old).

Also I was  riding my Bullitt cargobike in ordinary clothes (jeans, T-short, light fleece, trainers and cycling gloves) they I stayed in for the lecture and the ride home. Oh and I had about 8kg of stuff in the Bullitt cargo box (books, locks, coat, …).

What was the alternative?

Google maps has this route for driving:

6.9 miles and 20 minutes.

So I could have driven and in theory been 10 minutes faster by car. Except that the Melton Road through Belgrave is always slow and traffic near St Philip’s was slower than me on my bike.

Also parking is not easy by St Philip’s, so would have taken time to find a place and then walk to the Church. Whereas rather than park I simply rode right up to the front door and pushed my bike straight into the hall (and accidentally nearly joined a choir who were rehearsing there).

All in all I don’t think I would have beaten the 30 minutes I took by bike if I had gone by car.

Plus of course this way I got some exercise and got paid £2.50 of expenses for it (in the process saving my employer the extra £2.5 expenses driving would have cost them).

So why isn’t obvious to everyone that cycling is better than driving?

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