Bad road junctions #1 Leicester A607/A563

This is the start of a new series. Each post will look at a specific road junction from the point of view of Cyclists and Pedestrians.

The prize of being first goes to the A607/A563 junction in Leicester where the Melton Road crosses Troon Way/Watermead Way.

Here we have a crossroads of two dual carriageways that is controlled by traffic lights.

  • For pedestrians there is no pause at all in the traffic on some of the lanes that need to be crossed.
  • For pedestrians there is not a single light anywhere in the junction showing them when it is safe to cross that is despite there being a large secondary school less than 1/3 mile away
  • As a cyclist I still have no idea what I am expected to do. There are cycle paths on both sides of the Melton Road both North and South of this junction. But they all appear to end some way before the junction itself (signing is non-existent so you don’t know whether they have ended or not). So you have the choice of joining the pedestrians with no lights to guide your crossing up to 6 lanes of traffic or joining the road and the cars cutting you up.

End of the cycle route Melton Road, coming south towards the junction.

Here is where the Cycle path seems to restart after the junction.

Note the lack of any crossing help for pedestrians and cyclists heading south along the A607 Melton Road. If you have chosen to ride on the road then the left lane contains a mixture of vehicles turning left and going straight on making positioning yourself safely difficult.

The situation is even worse on the other side of the Melton Road (there are parallel side roads for access to houses, restaurants, businesses but these end before the junction and the pavement has bus stops, parking etc).

Going North before the junction.

Going North after the junction.

This is the worst junction (and there are no good junctions) along the A607 Melton Road between Thurmaston and Leicester City Centre. I can find nothing on the Leicester Transport about plans to improve this for pedestrians and cyclists. I have sent an email to the addresses they give and not even had an acknowledgement yet.

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  1. major changes now taking place – wonder whether this will make it better or worse!

    • It will still least have lights for pedestrians and cyclists to cross all arms. There will be official shared paths north and south on both sides.
      No doubt the lights will be very slow to get past being lots of sections with long waits.

  2. Leicester City Council Safety Audit failure | 42 Bikes - pingback on November 27, 2013 at 2:54 pm

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