Shopping in Leicester

I needed some supplies from one of the Christian bookshops in Leicester (3 Baptisms within a month), so we decided to go into Leicester together. First time into Leicester for Jane on her new bike so here is a picture of her on the way back with my Bullitt Clockwork making the background look pretty 🙂


At around 12.5 miles total that was the furthest on the new bike and this was exactly the sort of thing it was chosen for, so good news that it was comfy, easy to ride and pretty quick.

While in town we both parked at the Bike Park, still love having that facility available. Very friendly and so quick to use. They have said they get lots of comments about the Bullitt so LarryVsHarry are sending me some brochures that I can leave on the Bullitt when it is parked there.

The rack arrived just as we were going out so I fitted that when we got home, the Ortleib backrollers fit it fine – they are now on their 4th or 5th bike and still going strong.

Anyway, now off to a talk at St Philip’s so got to dash off on the Bullitt 🙂

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