Carrying Long items on a Bullitt

It is quite common to read about how brilliant “longtail” style cargo bikes are at carrying long stuff. Less common to hear it about “Long John” style bikes like my Bullitt.

Anyway yesterday I needed to carry my projector screen to Rothley (4 miles away) and so I just threw it in the Bullitt (ok I put some bubble wrap where it rested on the frame and used a strap to stop the front sliding around). So The beauty of chuck it in and go is not just for short things 🙂

It looked a bit like a bowsprit 🙂 Riding was completely unaffected (should be obvious as it is not at all heavy) and was very easy as you could clearly see where the bowsprit was going at all times.




To carry longer stuff should be no problem. To carry bigger things I would  make a set of rugby goalposts to drop into the box to give a level surface to rest things on clear of the headset. With that in place anything up to 2m long should be fine. Some longer things could be strapped to come back past the steering tube to the seat post.

Oh and one good side effect was cars gave me more room as they worry more about scratches on their paintwork than they do about blood.

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