Choosing a city bike for my wife part 2

I had intended to get around to this as a follow up to Choosing a city bike for my wife part 1 a while ago. Anyway here are some of the bikes we looked at and decided not to choose.

First, the Pashley. Jane got to ride one at the Cycle Show at Earls Court and while she liked the look and many of the features  felt that it was just too upright for her which made her feel that the steering was very light and so a bit wobbly. Would have been nice to have been able to buy British but it did not feel quite right. I was also concerned that the Pashley would be one of the slower bikes which would make riding together a bit incompatible.

Second. We really liked the l0ok of the Patria Potsdam. However we were put off by the hassle of ordering in German for shipping to the UK and the lack of an opportunity to see one let alone try it. The features and options were great though making it a close match for an ideal bike. Definitely a company to watch for the future.

Third, we decided against the Work Cycles FR8. I still think these are fantastic, one of the most versatile bikes around. But given that we a) don’t have small kids now b) already have a wonderful Bullitt cargo bike c) We are able to keep the bike under cover and so the super endurance/reliability strength is not needed. All that flexibility and longevity does have a price to pay in weight and speed so decided against it.

So all good bikes, but also all quite hard to find (except the Pashley). When I go into local Bike shops and ask for the standard features we want (see Choosing a city bike for my wife part 1) the reaction is always that nobody wants them. The real problem is that nobody gets the chance to buy them as they never see them and are never told there is an alternative to a mountain bike or derailleur equipped hybrid bike.

UK dealers please note that we need more city bikes with

  • Step through frames
  • hub gears (8 speed Alfine by choice)
  • hub, roller, coaster or disk brakes
  • chain case (fuller the better)
  • full mudguards (fenders)
  • front baskets or racks
  • handlebars higher than the saddle (although Jane prefers not bolt upright)
  • tyres with lots of air (say 35mm minimum)
  • mounting points for rear rack
  • stand

Note at least one dealer is closer to the mark than most. See Velorution for probably the widest range of sensible town bikes.

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