Transport Assessments – Charnwood Borough Council

Following John’s comment on my post What makes car drivers dangerous? « 42 Bikes I have been looking at the local transport plans. See Transport Assessments – Charnwood Borough Council.

The only references to cycling appear to be a total waste of time. They appear in two places.

  • In the introductions as weasel words for a spot of Greenwashing. There is no detail at all. Just vague statements such as:

1.1.1 The Charnwood 2026 Local Development Framework is a statutory plan establishing the spatial strategy for the Borough. Good transport provision is essential to Charnwood’s continuing prosperity but improvements need to be implemented in ways that are sustainable and minimise adverse environmental and social impacts. Car dependency needs to be reduced and the number of people walking, cycling and using public transport increased significantly.

Loughborough Transport Assessments – Introduction (PDF Document, 1.6 Mb)

  • In the parts where they consider the impact of building new homes cycling facilities are mentioned in passing as “mitigation”. Again no detail, especially not a single mention of cycling safety (subjective or otherwise) and no technical specifications. Also no targets. So cycling just becomes an excuse to avoid paying for improved roads (we won’t need to because suddenly people will start cycling).

All worrying as there does not seem to be a cycling officer or anyone to contact about cycling.

I’ll write separately about Leicester City but so far the Borough of Charnwood gets 1 out of 10 for Cycling Support.

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