Leicester – Cycle Parking

Fantabulous! Today I was in Leicester Town Hall for some training – on filling in the forms as an authorised person for weddings, riveting stuff 🙂

So I had cycled in a lot earlier that I normally like to get up on a Saturday (well any day really). As the traffic was so light just after 8am I went straight in by road.

The route is faiely quiet through Syston and more so on the old road through Thurmaston Village centre. Then a good segregated cycle path alongside the A607 dual carriageway past  Rushey Mead. Just one very odd exception as you pass the busy A563 Troon Way, where you are dumped onto the dual carriageway just to get through the junction.

Then on road through Belgrave (very messy with lots of lights, wide bits, narrow bits and junctions), over the flyover (very nice that they have reduced it to 1 lane of cars, because they are too fat and heavy for the bridge, leaving loads of space for bikes). Then a couple more junctions and you are at the pedestrianised shopping area, through which you are allowed to cycle. You are then at the Town Hall which has The Leicester City Council – Bike Park.

The Bike Park was just opening as I arrived at 8:30am (I told you it was horribly early) and yes the guy who was opening up arrived by bike. It has space for 120 bikes indoors with showers, bike maintenance and a bike shop.

Excellent service and completely free for the 3.5 hours that they looked after my Bullitt. Very friendly too, had a nice chat with them both arriving and leaving.

So  I highly recommend The Bike Park, I’ll be using it whenever in Leicester between 8:30 and 6 (8 and 6:30 weekdays).

Oh and of course because I had cycled I had plenty of time to get a nice coffee before the meeting started and still save money over the car parking, let alone the fuel 🙂 Plus at the end I had a lovely gentle ride back through Abbey Park and Watermead Park. On a beautiful day I felt sorry for anyone who had driven in.

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  1. Free? Are you sure? Might it not just be that you left without paying?? It’s always cost me the mighty sum of £1 to leave my trusty steed there.

    • Maybe I just have a nicer smile 🙂 Nobody asked me for money and I did say it was my first time and asked how it worked.

      I’ll have to pay double next time. Still worth it especially if you have a nice bike or it is raining.

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