Bullitt Clockwork upgrades

Today I spent some of the money that I have “earned” through my cycling expenses over the last couple of months ๐Ÿ™‚

Having already upgraded the saddle it was time for the other contact points. I took advantage of visiting Freewheel in Nottingham to get a few bits.

First, grips. I have found that the standard grips were giving me white finger after about an hour of riding. So have fitted Ergon Grips model GR2-L I have used Ergon grips on a couple of bikes in the past and have always found them extremely comfortable so I have high hopes that these will solve the white finger problem. With the medium size bar ends they also give me more choice of ย hand positions. Plus these are not bare metal bar ends but rubberised so they should have better grip and be warmer than the ones on my mountain bike.

Second, I have changed the pedals for larger platforms that should not feel like they are cutting through my feet when wearing trainers. I chose Sanderson Promag Sl‘s in black (not red as pictured because that would have looked horrible on an orange Bullitt Clockwork). There was not a huge choice but these are pretty much what I wanted anyway.

It was a ย bit surreal to be in Freewheel, when I was a teenager in the days long before the internet, I used to drool over their catalogue which was ย full of exciting bikes and bits. I even bought some foam handlebar grips from them for my Raleigh 10speed ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway all fitted and the Brooks Flyer Special waxed again with extra wax melted into the metal/leather interface to stop the squeaks coming back. I’ll go for a short test ride in a while.

Tomorrow I get to try the Bike Park at the Town Hall in Leicester as I am going for some training (for people authorised to do marriages). Sadly it does mean an early start ๐Ÿ™

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