My October Cycling Review

Following last months review I am doing the same again.

Generally October was a consolidation month for me and cycling.

  • I cycled all but three days in October which was a little disappointing
  • I cycled over 120 miles for work and used the car for about the same (but only 3 journeys which were to Swanick, Nottingham and to take 3 boys to the Laser Megazone in Leicseter)
  • Cycling miles for work were reduced by 3 days at Methodist Council and a weeks holiday
  • Within the Leicester North Methodist Circuit there are two ministers and together we have cycled 570 miles in two months which represents a saving of £114 or nearly £700 per year
  • I used a Boris Bike for the first time and it was a very effective way of getting around
  • I rode my Trek Road bike while at Methodist Council in Swanwick and my fixie & sons Giant Escape N7 while in Cornwall on holiday.
  • I have lost a little more weight
  • I feel stronger when riding
  • I have not once regretted cycling instead of driving
  • I have just been enjoying a lot of rides without taking my garmin Edge 705 along, so I have not got an exact record of the miles cycled, but who cares. I am riding because I enjoy it not to reach a specific mileage.
  • I have found a way of getting routes to display on this blog (which uses by using “My Tracks” on an Android phone and uploading the route to Google maps which can then be embedded on the page. Sadly there does not seem to be an easy way to upload from my Garmin Edge 705 for display on a blog.
  • I have had to do zero maintenance on my Bullitt Clockwork in the first 6 weeks of riding during which it has done something over 500 miles (I don’t count fitting my new Brooks Flyer Saddle)
  • I am going to upgrade the pedals to something with a bit larger flat area as with thin trainers I want a bit more foot support
  • A month after the treatment described in Brooks Flyer Special Reviewmy Brooks Flyer Special saddle has still not squeaked once.
  • Nothing has got wet under the box cover despite some heavy rain

Summary: Loving it

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  1. Oop’s wrote a bit too soon. My Brooks Flyer Special as started to squeak occasionally. Will need to melt some more wax into the metal/leather joints.

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