The beauty of chuck it in and go

One of the many things that I love about my Bullitt cargo bike is how fast it is.

This time I don’t mean how fast it is to ride. I mean how fast the total journeys are. I find I save loads of time because it is so quick to just throw stuff into it. Here are a couple of pictures from Sunday.

IMAG0211IMAG0210All the usual stuff for a Sunday service plus a few extras as this was my first morning service at Birstall and I was not sure what I would need.

So I chucked in

  • laptop
  • projector
  • power extension cable
  • waterproof jacket
  • warm jacket
  • waterproof cover for the Bullitt box as I expected rain later
  • change of clothes cos it had been so wet I didn’t want to get my clothes for the service dirty on the off road path across the top of the southerrn part of Watermead park.

In the end it didn’t rain so these pictures are as I arrived home.

As I say so much quicker than having to load panniers on a normal bike. Plus at the far end I can get much closer than by car.

So quicker and more convenient 🙂

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  1. That is cool both practically and in looks….I want one…..

  2. Definitely. Add a decent frame lock and good dyno lights and it gets even better. Car like convenience.

    • DrMekon,

      I have a frame lock on the Bullitt but in the UK they are rare and I would not be very confident relying on just that (or a cable lock) for many minutes. So I rely on the frame lock to stop the back wheel being nicked and then a u-lock to attach the bike to something secure. Until I get Infiniti3D security locks for the front wheel and saddle I use a u-lock and cable for them as well.

      Totally agree about dynamo lighting (and by far prefer a hub dynamo).

      See my other post 10 tips to making riding your bike normal which mentions dynamo lighting and locks.

  3. I would love to have a cargo bike but, for various reasons I can’t. So I came up with this idea, what do you think?

    • Kim,

      Nice idea but at the moment the problem is that 99.9% of potential cargo bike users don’t even know they exist. Of the 0.1% that have heard of them most have never ridden one and discovered how easy they are to ride and how they solve far more problems than you though possible.

      I don’t think that the idea will have enough users until we have got to the point where everyone sees a cargo bike being used every time they go out to school/shopping/… Then they will start to think maybe I could use one of those.

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