Syston’s hilly loop

Last night I went for a really nice short ride on the hilliest route I can find from Syston.

Syston out to the Barkby Road then Barkby, Beeby, South Croxton and back to the Barkby Road.

If you want better hills then probably the only option is to ride this backwards but after 5 miles (about Beeby) stop and turn around as the section between Beeby, South Croxton and the Barkby Road is the hillier bit.

Lovely quiet roads (saw less than 10 cars when riding after 11pm) although I won’t be riding this when there is ice about.

Quite pleased to have averaged 13.3mph on my Bullitt although my top speed of nearly 28mph was about the maximum that I felt I could with my lights. Lights with a proper main an dipped beam are going to be needed, power keeps going up but unless we want blinded drivers we have to point them too low for maximum speed when the road is clear.

By the way I realise that a total climb of under 500ft is not exactly hilly by most standards 🙂

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