Better than queuing :-)

This afternoon I went over to the Royal Infirmary in Leicester again. This time I went via Starbucks at Thurmaston for lunch with Jane as a special treat (might even have bought some new smaller jeans if Burton’s had any for people my size).

Going to the Royal Leicester is around about 15 miles as a round trip. It is a very nice trip with very little road riding now that I have sussed out the route better.

But that takes a long time you might think. You might think it would be much quicker to drive. On the other hand one visitor I spoke to had spent 45 minutes queuing to get into the Hospital Car Park. I just swept straight in and there was plenty of space in the (free) bike rack by the hospital entrance. In one ward where I was visiting I could even look out of the window and see my bike 🙂

With short visiting hours available a potentially long queue makes visiting by car very hard to plan.

Plus I arrived refreshed, awake and unstressed which hopefully means I was able to be a better minister while I was there. Also I was able to enjoy a skinny stem ginger muffin at Starbucks without worrying about my weight 🙂

On top of all that I did not hold anyone else up, take space in the car park from others who had come a long way, or cause any pollution.

Being good for other people and the planet has never been this enjoyable before 🙂

Bike transport wins all round!

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  1. Further to comment on last post, the parking at the Infirmary is so bad that I’ve even been known to cycle there in the rain :o)

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