Don’t forget to do the zip up

I felt a bit silly today. It was raining hard when I rode the 1/2 mile to Syston Methodist Church for the lunch club but I didn’t do the zip right up on my jacket. So I had a v-necked wet patch below my dog collar. Looked very silly and of course everyone noticed and commented πŸ™‚

Other than that I am getting more used to wearing the right layers and cycling at the right speed to avoid getting too sweaty and wet even in normal clothes. So this morning that was to Birstall Methodist Church with very wet ground and drizzle. On Sunday afternoon it was to Leicester Royal Infirmary which was just over 7.5miles in jeans and a clerical shirt.

Cycling for transport like this should be absolutely nothing special although it is so often seen that way in the UK. Actually it was very pleasant as so much of the route was on segregated cycling facilities and I got to ride on a part of the cycle network I have not used before. But I have needed to get a lot better at cycling slowly without feeling rushed so as to arrive dry(ish) in normal work clothes.

One of the things that does seem to be helping, just as I hoped, is my Brooks Flyer Special Saddle. As I had hoped it is very comfortable but also due to the shape and the shiny and slippery leather it seems to not wear out ordinary trousers as quickly as other saddles I have used.

Bullitt 01Another thing that helps is riding a big cargo bike like my Bullitt, while it is fast for a cargo bike (which basically means I ride at similar speeds to most cyclists except those fully kitted up on road bikes) it does not punish me for riding gently. My sportier bikes tend to suck me into riding faster than I need and being the fat and unfit person I am that makes me sweat a lot.

Plus the Bullitt is so quick and easy to take out. The locks sit in the box all the time, I just throw whatever bags or boxes of stuff that I need in and off I go. Β Plus of course I keep my coat in the box as well which means I always have it with me and if it stops raining I can simply throw it back in the box. To make things even easier I will be buying the Infiniti3D security stuff as soon as it is available as it will make locking up the Bullitt much easier – just use a U-Lock or my Almax Series III chain to fasten the frame to something really strong.

So all I have to do now is remember to do up the jacket zip when it is raining πŸ™‚

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  1. and yet you keep going, really impressed Dave, thanks for setting such a great example!!!

  2. If you already know that the saddle doesn’t wear your trousers out as fast as other ones, and you’ve had it – how long? – a few weeks – it begs the question of how fast you normally wear a hole in the seat of your pants? :o) Took to the car yesterday I’m afraid – still a fairweather cyclist.

  3. Sally, you are very kind πŸ™‚


    some combinations of trousers and saddles have been just a few days πŸ™

    As for you being so called fair weather what about both Saturday (lots of rain even if it missed us) and Monday (very cold)?

  4. Perhaps better make that “dry weather”. I don’t have any suitable waterproof trousers – just some Peter Storm overtrousers for walking that my Mum bought me about 30 years ago! It’s a problem I’ve not been too eager to solve…

  5. Yeah, I need to get waterproof trousers as well. Have been putting it off so far. Fortunately the Bullitt protects my legs a bit. I think I can steal some from Peter as an interim solution.

    In fact it does not rain that hard when you have no flexibility about when to ride – it just feels like it does πŸ™‚

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