Syston Methodist Church to Rearsby Convent

Yesterday I rode to Rearsby Convent for the first time. Lovely place and lovely people making a great setting for as quiet day.

As always a day that is made better by being gently woken up and refreshed by a nice ride to get there.

The ride includes one of the best stretches of Cycle facility around here.

Starting at Syston Methodist Church you follow several minor roads (with a cut through between two estates) that are marked as a safer route to school. I don’t like the¬†nomenclature¬†and sadly the people living in these residential streets seem to take no notice of these markings.

However, when you reach the Melton Road there is a wide dual use pavement that goes as far as East Goscote and which includes an underpass under the A607. This is generally a good cycle facility by British standards. However, there are still problems.

  • it does not include marked priority for cycles when it crosses New Zealand Lane. There should be a hump for cars to enter/leave this side road with marked priority for cyclists & pedestrians.
  • The bridge over the stream when you come into East Goscote is too narrow for two way traffic especially when it is combined pedestrian and cyclist.
  • As with all cycle facilities in this country the ends are a problem. There is too little thought put into where cyclists should go next. This is particularly obvious when coming into Syston from East Goscote and wanting to go straight into the town centre. It is not clear that the pavement after Parkstone Road is no longer a shared use path, there is no cycling facility from this point and you are abandoned on the wrong side of the Melon Road.

We had come back from our half term holiday (yes Leicestershire has school holidays at a different time to everyone else) on Friday evening so that I could go to this circuit quiet day yesterday. Very glad we did as it was a really good day.

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