Riding the Cornish Mining Trails

Had a lovely ride this morning from Carnon Downs Caravan Site down to Devoran (via Point) and then along a stretch of the Mining Trail.

A beautiful route of mostly off road riding on good quality tracks (if it has been Twelve wet then mudguards will be helpful to keep your bike clean). Went past the Bissoe Cafe and Bike Hire and then onto Twelve Heads.

Sadly I made two navigation errors by not noticing the “Mining Trail” signs in two places, so first I went on off the main route towards Portreath. Then later I missed the “Mining Trail” as I only saw the Sustrans National Cycle Route 3 and ended up following a (minor) road route past Gewnnap Mine to Redruth. I went down to the bottom of Redruth but once the route started climbing up the other side decided that was far enough and retraced my steps.

If I had realised I could download (PDF) a detailed map first then I would probably not have gone wrong 🙂

Anyway I stopped at the Cycle Cafe at Bissoe for a welcome Bacon roll, coffee and chocolate thingy on my way back.

It was a lovely day and I was on my Pearson Touché fixie (although note I now have “courier” style handlebars as pictured plus mudguards and a rear rack). What really pleased me was that despite this being anything but a flat route I did not have to walk at all. I might have been panting like it was going out of fashion by the time I reached the top of what seemed like endless steep climbs but I did actually make it to the top. I am very confident that I would not have been able to do that a few weeks ago. This habit forming is really working!

I did have one funny incident though. On the climb back to Carnon Downs Caravan Site up Point Road I fell off. Not sure what happened 🙂 Probably pulled too hard on my left hand and pulled it off the handlebar thus throwing myself off the bike. Whatever, I toppled over (going very very slowly at the time) and sat down for a few moments getting my breath back. No harm done although a lady who passed in her car while I was getting up was very concerned that I was ok.

One of the very nice things after a ride like that is the beautiful shower facilities at Carnon Downs Caravan Site, they are lovely and warm and have lots of private bathrooms with loo, wash basic and shower with oodles of hot water.

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  1. Love the comments about Bike Chain bissoe bike hire and cafe an iconic cycle cafe in Cornwall

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