London Cycle Show: Overall Impressions

Jane and I spent yesterday at the London Cycle Show, Earls Court and we had a great day out. I’ll write some more specific posts later but here are some of the overall impressions.

One of sadness at a reduced number of utility/cargo/transport/practical bikes at the show compared to last year. No Velorbis or Ridgeback as two examples that we missed. No Christiana trikes (or anything similar). Only a few cargobikes – nothing to tempt me away from my Clockwork Bullitt though ūüôā

One of excitement at a whole range of items designed and built in Britain (obviously that includes Brompton, Pashley and Moulton who all properly build bikes in the UK) but also many others. Some we enjoyed finding included:

We saw some other nice accessories (and bought some, more later). Plus we made good progress on finding a new city bike for Jane (more later).

I came away with a nice merino wool t-short from Embers Merino. Also as a real toy a Veho Muvi Pro  which is a micro camcorder with handlebar mount (and I really mean micro, it is 55mm high x 20mm wide x 20mm deep !!!). Hopefully some video will arrive here soon.

We also subscribed to Cycling Active magazine as I have been impressed by recent issues. Best gender balance of any big publisher cycling magazine I have read (Velovision still better) and an increasingly practical view of cycling.

I liked the new Garmin Edge 800 bike computer. Several significant improvements over my Edge 705 (larger screen touch screen, Ordnance Survey maps, better mounting).

It was really good to see the SON delux dynamo and Edelux lamp. Will be looking for a new front wheel from St John Street Cycles or for my Bullitt with this dynamo and light combination. Although the Exposure lights are brighter I want lights that I don’t have to touch at all (the Edelux will come on automatically when it gets dark) and I don’t want to be caught out (again) with a battery that goes flat. Plus one day I might add a¬†Busch & Muller E-Werk to charge my phone and/or Garmin using the dynamo.

I looked at some fully waterproof jackets but was not convinced enough to splash out, although I am sure I will need a better jacket plus some over trousers in order to get right through the winter cycling for work every day.

It is a good show, well worth a visit.

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