Bonkers extension to the Bodleian Library

Clearly the Bodleian Library in Oxford has needed more space for a long time.

But this:  BBC News – Vast bookstore opens as famed library runs out of space is crazy.

How can it be sensible to extend your library by storing books some 30 miles away when you are going to need a twice daily drive to deliver books for students. 120 miles a day for three 8 week terms is 14,400 miles a year. That ignores vacations and visits by staff.


This is not a new problem. The Bodleian have known about this for years and years and then they implement such an environmentally stupid solution. Are there no sites of 13 acres near Oxford? Old car factories for example.

While organisations find it economic to make decisions like this that are clearly not environmentally sustainable then obviously road transport is far too cheap. See my post Drivers don’t pay enough tax although it looks like I under estimated the increases needed.

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