My September cycling review

September has been a significant month for me and cycling.

  • I cycled all but one day in September.
  • I have now cycled 25 days in a row.
  • I have cycled over 260 miles for work. That is over £50 in expenses but by not driving those miles I have also saved the Leicester North Methodist Circuit £50
  • I have cycled something over 350 miles in total in September
  • Bullitt 01I got my new bike, a Bullitt Clockwork from LarryVsHarry. I love it and have not ridden another bike since.
  • I have explored quite a lot of Leicester by bike, plus some of the countryside to the east.
  • I accompanied my friend and boss when she did a 50mile round trip to Synod, an amazing increase over a previous maximum distance of 12 miles
  • This new blog has started to get going and now has over 20 cycling related posts and several readers
  • I have not once needed to go somewhere for work and not wanted to cycle
  • I have only used the car 4 times for work in the month (3 visits to Northampton, one trip to Loughborough Crematorium via Birstall).
  • I have been out cycling with Jane several times for shopping, parties or visiting Mum.
  • I have carried home the contents of a very fully shopping trolley from Asda in my Bullitt.

Most of all I have really enjoyed cycling this September 🙂

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