Biting the Bullitt

In my earlier post Two weeks into Cycling for work I mentioned some of the challenges in using a bike for work rather than to commute to work.

After months of deliberating I took the advice of our sons. I showed them pictures of the bikes I was considering and they were unanimous about which they thought we suit me best.

So at the end of July I ordered my new Bike and yesterday it arrived:

Bike in a BOXAs you can see it is quite a big box. In fact a very big box!

It was very reassuring to see “Dave UK” written nice and clearly on the top. So I knew it really was my box.

When I opened it there was a lot of packaging.

What is in the box?

Anyway I have now got it assembled and been using it today. Here is a picture of the fully assembled Bullitt complete with rain cover for the load area as I was coming back from Rothley.

First impressions: fantastic.

Anyway got to dash, off to meeting on my Bullitt.
Bullitt 01

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